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WTAW Summer Salon • August 1, 2024

Join us at 5:30pm Pacific Time for readings from literary luminaries

Molly Giles • Grace Loh Prasad • Terese Svoboda • Zack Rogow


Building literary community

WTAW Press is an independent, nonprofit publisher of books of exceptional literary prose. Read more about our story here, and learn more about our mission here

Check out our recent acquisitions here, or preorder exciting upcoming titles and award-winning books in our online shop

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Our authors consistently receive accolades for their work published through WTAW Press. See the authors we've come to count as literary family. 

We know that a rich literary community thrives on collaboration and connection—that's our origin story.


We host virtual readings and events, organize webinars and consultations, and welcome the curious to become involved

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Betty publishes books by women, for everyone. This imprint is for new, vital, and intersectional perspectives that amplify women's voices and challenge societal norms. 

This innovative imprint combines the best aspects of a traditional publisher and a collective publisher. Authors receive standard contracts, collaborate on publishing books, and help shape the imprint’s catalog.

WTAW is dedicated to discovering and promoting enduring books of literary prose. 

We open to submissions annually through the Kevin McIlvoy Book Prize, Alcove Chapbooks, and our new imprint, Betty.

We take exceptional care in editing, designing, and promoting our books. Here is a closer look at our process.

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