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At WTAW Press, we know literature is essential to a successful and healthy society and to the human beings who make up society—all of us. WTAW believes in literature‘s power to move and inspire, and to develop self-understanding, empathy, resilience, and connection.


WTAW is dedicated to discovering and publishing enduring books of literary prose that showcase a variety of voices and experiences, particularly those likely to be overlooked in mainstream corporate publishing. We curate titles across a range of genres (literary fiction, literary nonfiction, and hybrid prose), subject matter, and perspectives. We welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds and especially encourage submissions by women and nonbinary individuals, BIPOC, members of the LGBTQ+ community, persons with disabilities, and other traditionally underrepresented groups.


In our commitment to discovering titles deserving of publication, we maintain multiple channels for authors to submit their work. 

  • Since 2023 we annually welcome submissions to the Kevin McIlvoy Book Prize for full-length works of prose. All manuscripts submitted will be considered for publication. The winner receives a $2500 honorarium, publication, and a standard contract with royalties.

  • The annual Alcove Chapbook Series competition publishes chapbook-length books of prose. All manuscripts submitted are considered for publication. The winner receives a $250 honorarium, publication, and a standard contract with royalties. 

  • In 2023 WTAW launched the imprint Betty, books by women for everyone. This innovative imprint involves authors in the publishing process. They receive standard contracts with royalties. Betty accepts manuscript submissions on an annual basis.


  • Depending on our publishing queue, we hold open reading calls throughout the year. We choose manuscripts from these calls for publication, and provide standard contracts with royalties. 




WTAW aims to support our authors not only through their book’s launch, but throughout their careers. We do not charge authors for any aspect of book publishing and promotion. WTAW offers authors standard contracts with royalties, a collaborative marketing plan, and author support from acquisition through post-publication. 

Every manuscript selected for publication is carefully, thoroughly, and sensitively edited, and requires an author’s collaboration and commitment to the editing process. When appropriate, we employ sensitivity readers to advise us on manuscripts under consideration.

Books are professionally designed, both interiors and jackets, professionally edited, copy edited, and proofread. WTAW contracts intentionally for these jobs, prioritizing professionals who identify with groups traditionally underrepresented in publishing. 


We work with authors to craft and execute custom publicity, promotion and marketing plans that include appearances at bookstores, festivals, conferences, and reading series; podcast and other media interviews; social media promotions; and more. We print and distribute Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) to the trades magazines and other significant review journals and online venues before publication. WTAW Press enters every book we publish into appropriate contests for post-publication awards. 

We’ve been gratified with the media coverage, reviews, and awards our books have received. Our authors are widely interviewed and are regularly invited to present at book festivals and conference panels.

WTAW Press will only publish books that make us proud—that’s our return on investment of a true labor of love.

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