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About us

WTAW Press is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports the artistic development of writers; fosters a thriving literary community; and inspires a passion for literature through publishing books, through producing its national neighborhood of author readings, Why There Are Words, and through providing online workshops and manuscript consultations for those who many not have the ability to access such opportunities in other ways.  


WTAW Press strives to publish exceptional, enduring literary books, books that are likely to be overlooked in mainstream corporate publishing. Contrary to the myth that when writing is exceptional it will find an audience, in the corporate publishing system most deserving manuscripts are not picked up for publication. The industry's values are not focused on publishing great literature, and it has never been set up to support or promote all stories.


Literature is foundational to the continued growth and success of our society, which relies upon cultural and racial equity. We believe in literature's power to help develop self-understanding, empathy, resilience, and connection with one another, and to move and inspire us with its artistry. WTAW publishes and champions books that possess a mastery of craft and artistry, are unafraid to risk, and showcase a variety of voices and experiences.   

WTAW Press strives to do its part in creating a more representative publishing industry across differences in race, class, gender, geography and more. Our organization is made up of volunteer individuals who support and challenge one another to become the best versions of ourselves in doing this good work we believe in.

WTAW Press is directed by founding publisher Peg Alford Pursell. Our Board of Directors is a small, hardworking group of authors that embodies cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity. Members identify as women, a Black nonbinary person, a bicultural Arab and Jewish American, a biracial Black Jewish American, and a white guy. We are active members of the literary community and engage with voices in the community that lead discussions related to cultural responsiveness and racial equity. We have developed a culture in our organization that is committed to growth and evolution and that celebrates continuous challenge to individual and collective inherent biases. We're proud of the culture we've created, and we're eager to continue our work and progress. 


We're interested in collaborating with and partnering with like-minded organizations. Please get in touch to discuss possibilities and ideas.

You can read more about our publishing program here and a few words from authors about their experiences with WTAW here.

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Contact us here.

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