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WTAW Press provides several opportunities to submit manuscripts for publication.


We accept work through our submission manager during open reading periods.


We welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds and especially encourage submissions by women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or nonbinary gender people, persons with disabilities, and all traditionally underrepresented groups. We welcome submissions from new, emerging, and established voices.


WTAW offers the annual Alcove Chapbook Series Open. Submissions of unpublished chapbooks of prose will be accepted June 30 through August 15, 2023. The winner will receive book publication, a $250 honorarium, and 25 copies of their book. All submissions will be considered for publication and finalists selected for publication will receive 10 copies of their books. There is a nonrefundable $15 fee. Read the guidelines on our submission manager and be sure to follow them to the letter. Any submission that doesn't follow the guidelines will be disqualified and any fee forfeited. 


WTAW will offer the annual Kevin McIlvoy Book Prize for a full-length book of prose (novel, memoir, creative nonfiction, collection of stories or essays, hybrid forms, etc.) September 30 through November 15, 2023. There is a nonrefundable $28 fee. The winner will receive book publication with a standard publishing contract that pays royalties, a $2500 honorarium, and 25 copies of their book. All submissions will be considered for publication. Peter Turchi, Joan Silber, and Nina McConigley will serve as final judges.


Betty Books will open late in 2023 for full-length books of prose by women. To stay current with our open reading periods and other news, sign up for our newsletter.



General guidelines for all submissions. Be sure to follow the specific guidelines for each open submission call.


WTAW Press conducts reviews during which authors and readers/reviewers are kept anonymous. Multiple reviewers — anonymous to one other and unable to read any other reviews — read each manuscript. 

Identifying information for the author must not be included anywhere on the manuscript itself, including in the name of the file or in the title field in the submission manager. Manuscripts containing identifying information in any way will be automatically disqualified and any submission fee forfeited.


A manuscript in its entirety must be previously unpublished, though it may contain previously published portions. It should contain a majority of new work. Please acknowledge any portions of the manuscript that have been previously published in your cover letter, not within the manuscript itself. Manuscripts that contain acknowledgements will be disqualified and any fee forfeited.


All material in manuscripts must be of the author’s own composition and free from copyright restrictions. 


Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but authors must notify us immediately if their work is accepted elsewhere and withdraw it in our submission manager.


Multiple submissions are welcome with each accompanied by a separate reading fee.


Submissions cannot be edited once they are submitted. Manuscripts selected for publication will go through an editing process with the editors.


Manuscripts should be submitted as a .doc or. docx file in a 12-point standard font such as Times New Roman, double-spaced, with at least 1 inch margins, and paginated. Please include a title page with a total word count and a table of contents, as applicable.

Include a cover letter in the appropriate field in the submission manager and not within the manuscript file itself. Any manuscript that includes a cover letter will be disqualified and the fee forfeited.


Please provide the following information in your cover letter


  • Your contact information (address, phone, email)

  • The manuscript’s title, genre, and word count

  • List of credits for any previously published portions

  • A brief synopsis of the work

  • A brief biography with publishing history, if applicable; include your website address and social media handles

  • Indication if the manuscript is submitted simultaneously and pledge to withdraw it if accepted elsewhere

  • Where you heard about the call for submissions

  • A brief comment on how you see your book in terms of expanding our catalog


Any submission that doesn't follow the guidelines will be disqualified and the submission fee forfeited. Make sure to review the specific guidelines found on our submission manager. 


WTAW does not offer editorial comments on submissions. Editorial relationships with authors are developed once they have signed a contract. Every book accepted for publication receives careful, thorough, and sensitive editing, and necessitates the author's collaboration and commitment to the process.


WTAW responds to every submission it receives through the submission manager at the email address furnished with the submission. It can take time, so please be patient.


Thank you for considering WTAW Press. We look forward to reading your work.

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