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Betty is an imprint of the award-winning WTAW Press dedicated to publishing books by women for everyone. Our innovative publishing model creates a partnership between authors and the publisher. 

Betty authors enjoy all of the benefits of WTAW’s traditional publishing program, wherein WTAW bears all the costs, including editing, design, marketing, distribution, and payment of author royalties. Betty authors profit from all of the hallmarks that have made WTAW a successful and respected publisher: the high quality of editorial care, attention to book design, dedicated marketing and publicity efforts. Authors benefit from the reputation WTAW has earned as an award-winning press dedicated to publishing and championing books of urgency, emotional resonance, and enduring significance.

Authors form a partnership with Betty to contribute their time, effort, and skills in the publication of their books and the books of their fellow authors. This collaborative effort among authors is similar to the operations of a publishing collective. 

Unlike publishing collectives, however, Betty first and foremost engages authors with a traditional publishing contract that pays royalties. Betty embraces the editorial process, bears all publishing expenses, and takes responsibility for book production and distribution, promotion and marketing.


Betty’s innovative publishing program takes the key advantages of a collective—the shared workload and support system among authors—and unites it with the key advantages of a traditional independent press. It allows authors more control over their publishing journey while benefiting from the collective wisdom and resources of the group. 


The best of both worlds? We like to think so. 

Betty will open for submissions later this year. In the meantime, learn more about our inaugural authors here.

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