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In these times, it’s the independent book publishers who are doing the important work of keeping the literary arts alive. Since its inception in December 2015 and publication of its first books in 2017, WTAW Press has remained a fiercely independent press, dedicated to discovering, publishing, and championing voices and stories that readers are unlikely to encounter and have the opportunity to appreciate in mainstream corporate publishing.


We're proud of our books, authors, and programs—including our new imprints Alcove Chapbooks and Betty. Establishing the annual Kevin McIlvoy Book Prize has brought us joy. As a micro, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization,  we've accomplished so much on our shoestring budget, but we couldn't have done it without support. Your support.


Please help us continue to do the good work of building and fostering inclusive literary community through our book publishing imprints and programs. Any amount you can contribute to our work will be significant to us. Your donation can be made, with our gratitude, here. You can also elect to support us through our new subscription program.

WTAW has established a new support/subscription program: Be a trailblazer with us!

We hope you will partner with us to reach our goals to publish and support books that matter—books that inspire, move, compel, and entertain. To discover and to champion voices from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. In preparation for the many new WTAW books to come in the 2024-2026 seasons, we are doing something new by offering this subscription program. 


Call it an investment in great mail days to come while showing your support and investment in WTAW's future. 

Books will be mailed upon publication dates. Every support/subscription option includes a tax-deductible donation. Book cover prices and shipping costs will be subtracted from your chosen subscription package, and the remainder of your subscription/donation will be tax deductible.

Donations above $1000 should be made using the Donate button below, or by check. Checks should be made out to WTAW Press, and mailed to WTAW Press, PO Box 2825, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.

As always, you are welcome to donate to WTAW outside of the subscription program and have the entire amount of your gift be tax deductible.

Support/subscription program options—how it works.

Donation Period: Nov. 28, 2023 through Jan. 15, 2024

We're thrilled to offer our first subscription program, which promises great mail days wherever you are. Please join us in supporting literary book publishing, the literary arts, and the building of literary community by subscribing/supporting to WTAW Press at one of the following levels of subscription packages.


You can make an alternative donation by using our donate button below. WTAW Press is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all donations are tax deductible.

Be a WTAW trailblazer with us, won't you?

Pen Pal


Subscribe at the Pen Pal level and receive a backlist bestseller and the 2024 Alcove Chapbook Prize winner. (Click for details.)

Arts Ally


Subscribe at the Arts Ally level and receive a signed copy of LIFE SPAN by Molly Giles. (Click for details.)

Books Benefactor


Subscribe at the Books Benefactor level and receive a signed copy of LIFE SPAN by Molly Giles and a signed copy of HOW WE KNOW OUR TIME TRAVELERS by Anita Felicelli. (Click for details.)

pub partner bright.jpg

Publication Partner


Subscribe at the Publication Partner level and receive a copy of each 2024 Alcove Chapbook and a copy of the first ever published book by our new Betty imprint. (Click for details.)

Literary Lifeblood


Subscribe at the Literary Lifeblood and receive the joy and pride of being one of the first of  WTAW's subscribers to our ultimate lifeblood subscription package, which also includes a backlist bestseller, a copy of the 2024 Alcove Chapbook Prize winning book, a signed copy of LIFE SPAN by Molly Giles, a signed copy of HOW WE KNOW OUR TIME TRAVELERS by Anita Felicelli, a copy of each of the four 2024 Alcove Chapbooks, a copy of the first-ever published book from our new imprint Betty, and a bonus surprise. (Click for details.)

Other Ways to Give

Do you own stocks? Give a gift of appreciated securities, which may help you save on taxes. Just email us at, and the director will get back to you promptly. If you prefer, email describing your intention and cc your broker. WTAW will do the rest, with your confirmation. 


If you have an IRA and are over 70 and must take a required qualified distribution from your IRA, you can donate all or part of it (min. $1,000) to WTAW. Email, as above.


Do you have a donor advised fund? Just ask your manager to send your grant to WTAW Press, a 501(c)(3) designated, California-based nonprofit corporation with Tax ID 81-0811255 at PO Box 2825, Santa Rosa, CA 95405, with contact person Peg Alford Pursell (


Other questions? Contact us!


Thank you for your generosity.

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