November 26, 2018

Check out Sarah Stone's interview on Aspen Public Radio's First Draft: A Dialogue with Writers for a behind-the-scenes look into the writing of HUNGRY GHOST THEATER.

October 16, 2018

R.L. Maizes talks with Angela Mitchell about her debut collection, personal testimony, what she looks for as a fiction editor, and where we find ourselves (or not) in our stories.

Fiction Writers Review: "My goal when I’m writing is to keep everything as real and hard a...

October 10, 2018

Facts That Turn Out to Be Fiction: Ann Cummins and Sarah Stone on Writing, Landscape, and Family

"I sometimes think that writing fiction is part of how we both face and avoid external conflict, and even how we face and also avoid internal conflict."

September 25, 2018

An insightful interview conducted by Nancy Au of author Angela Mitchell is published at Necessary Fiction. “That’s the catch for all of us, that love—maybe even more than hate—is what so often gets in the way of what we might’ve done differently.”

September 21, 2018

Entropy Magazine published a insightful review of author Sarah Stone, conducted by Nancy Au. "The pleasure in writing, for me, comes from having other places to go and lives to live, so many discoveries to make."

May 8, 2018

Here's a mini-interview with Louise Marburg in celebration of Short Story Month. Learn how she plans to celebrate! (Floats! Confetti!) Thank you, Dan Wickett / Emerging Writers Network!

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