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Litstack Interview: WTAW Press Editor, Peg Alford Pursell

An Excerpt from Litstack:

LitStack's Lauren Alwan recently sat down with writer, editor—and now indie publisher—Peg Alford Pursell, a literary community builder with a grand passion for literature. Since 2010, Peg has curated and produced the monthly reading series Why There Are Words, one of the SF Bay Area’s leading live venues for authors, and recently launched WTAW Press, a new independent literary publisher based in Northern California. This up-and-coming publisher has been widely published herself, with stories that have appeared or are forthcoming in VOLT,Soundings Review, RHINO, Permafrost, Eleven Eleven, Tupelo Quarterly, The Los Angeles Review, The Quotable, Joyland, Staccato Fiction, Your Impossible Voice, Emprise Review, Annalemma, The Fabulist, Sugar Mule, Blotterature, Her Royal Majesty, and others. Her book SHOW HER A FLOWER, A BIRD, A SHADOW is forthcoming from ELJ Editions, March 2017.

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